Friday, May 18, 2012

A Day in the Life of US

I'm going to journal a bit each day (okay, what's new. ha!) a little of the journey we are starting with the nutritional plan. I am also going to record the moods and attitudes.

We started yesterday with a brand new bottle of acidophilus. We think our old bottle is just that... old. We are giving one capsule per meal. We managed to get it in lunch and supper. I also gave Missy a melatonin last night with a hope she would sleep all night. She went out fairly quickly, but no one knows if she stayed that way.

At 6:20 James woke up cheerful. He was thanking me for bringing out his summer clothes. He's excited to wear his flag shirt. He's doing his jobs quickly and well. He's very hungry.

Missy woke up okay. Ignored me when I said good morning, but begrudged me a greeting when I kept repeating my extra cheery salute. Her whole body stiffened and body language spoke volumes about her resistance when asked to start her morning routine. She dragged out some of her chores really slow, but chose her clothes and dressed quickly. When I spoke to her she whined and snarled. I asked her if I was speaking kindly to her. She ignored me, but I insisted. She finally agreed that I was speaking sweetly. I asked her how she was speaking and she flat out turned her back and ignored me. She threw a fit because I asked her to run to the greenhouse for me to pick a turnip... (my attempt to give her a moment alone in the fresh air and sunshine and to get her body moving). I was firm. She is out there somewhere... ***

Came in fresh and smiling with no turnip, but a handful of parsley. Don't know if she knows what a turnip is or if she was up to tricks. Whichever, I accept the parsley . Went off to the next chore appropriately, but it didn't last. Had the usual tug of war over using the toilet. We didn't accomplish much. She wants to turn washing her hands into a major negative "event". For a split second I feel the frustration rise. I walk away.

Time to leave, but she's not ready. James is in the car buckled up and happily full of breakfast. Missy's hair needs help. She hasn't eaten. She crying and not moving.  I tell her I"m sorry she is having problems getting ready. I quick throw a banana, some milk, her parsley and some protein powder in the blender for a shake so she doesn't starve. She's mad. She doesn't "want it". She doesn't "like that stuff". The crocodile tears are rolling. I just tell she will like it and to get over here and taste it. She drinks 24 oz in 45 seconds flat.

She falls to pieces because I have to fetch the van at the bottom of the driveway while she ties her shoes... I come back and she puts on a happy face. I remind her to take the school bear and she grabs the nearest stuffed bear. This is the very bear she has tried repeatedly to convince me is actually the school bear. She almost had me fooled once, and she was so outrageously convincing the next day that her dad actually took the bear to the school and asked the teacher himself. I remind her that I know this is not the school bear. She goes into fits. I remain firm. She cries and nearly throws herself on the floor, but then runs to her room and shows up at the car with the right bear.

 She tries to engage me in happy chatter over weekend plans. She's all the way at the back of the van and I don't have the energy. James is 23 minutes late for school on her account. She's 12 minutes late for hers, but she smiles and says "see you later" as she waves goodbye.

On my way home the Buddy sticks his fingers down his throat... a very naughty thing he does for attention, and suddenly he threw up, all over the seat of the new van.

I arrive home... only to be called to pick up Christina from the dentist where she had a molar pulled to make room for her braces to do their work. As I am cleaning up and dressing the Buddy and organizing he pees on the carpet no less than three times in the space of 5 minutes... Don't ask how come it took that long to get the diaper back on!

It's a good morning.

No one raged. The kids did get to school, even if they were late.  I took it in stride and chalk it up as just another day in the life of adopting special needs kids.


Anonymous said...

Funny how our idea of "a good morning" is so relative. Thanks for journaling. I'll be very interested in reading.

Mama D’s Dozen said...

Hoping your day gets better ... and that your weekend is BLESSED!

YOU are doing GREAT with your Mama Attitude ... despite the challenges the kids throw at you. Keep up the good work.

Laurel :)

GB's Mom said...

Sounds like a good morning to me!

Matt and Maria said...

Ok, if you can keep your voice sweet through that, it makes me want to try harder.
If you were here, you'd get a big, perky round of applause, because that's what our new little one likes, so it's kind of caught on.... :)

Sophie said...

all but the throw up sounds like a good morning...i hate throw up...a lot. LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm in awe.... :) Antionette

keeperofthefires said...

I read your blog for inspiration, when I think I'm having a bad day with my Michael. My bad days don't come close to your "good" days. Keep up the wonderful inspiring blog.