Sunday, May 20, 2012

For the Record / Serotonin

Both my acidophilus experiment subjects have undergone a major and thorough gut cleaning out today. They are in shock and awe. Even giggling about it. My husband is quite impressed with acidophilus. I remain slightly skeptical as I have seen a cyclical pattern in their bowel health. I'm doing the program wholehearted like I think this is a piece to the puzzle we've been trying to find, but I will only analyze it's effectiveness from the other side of the experiment looking back. It can only be helpful and not harmful, but I will hold judgment until I see the desired results. For now I will record what I see.

Did you know that 95% of your serotonin is produced in your gut? It is used to regulate intestinal movement, but not only that, of course, it also regulates moods, sleep, and appetite. It also has some cognitive functions for learning and memory as well as bone and blood functions.  If the health of the bowel is compromised and the creation of serotonin messed up you could see how many things could be off kilter throughout the body. Who's to say that the 5% of serotonin made in the brain is more important than the 95% made in the colon?

I am thoroughly pleased with the Buddy's new transport driver. She's a mommy at heart. He was completely at ease with her in seconds!

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