Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Crabby But Cute

Don't you just wish they would make some of those cute clothes in bigger sizes? When the little girls grow out of size 6 it's just so sad. So many adorable, feminine clothes are now all too small. The dressed they like the most, and the ones they gravitate towards in the store are all for the "little" girls.

Someone gave me some hand-me-down kids clothes... there' s an outfit I could see Missy wearing - if it weren't so small! So much for sweet and feminine, but how fitting. (no pun intended.)

I can't seem to do this no-sugar thing. Every time I turn around we are in an impossible situation. How can you deny a kid a banana? Anyway, I have her off of refined sugar as much as I can control.

We are fighting over the toilet issue again. I'm super, duper consistent about the schedule. Nothing has changed that way. We're pushing the water, because she needs it and she is fighting it. She's with holding...  and then she's messing her pants. Then she explodes when I ask her to clean herself up and shower.

This morning everything I said to her was met with resistance and fussing. I turned my face away every time and walked away. Eventually she noticed and started to "chatter" in a different tone but it was still super annoying because she felt so controlling. She knows that I am not very friendly to this. I cannot bite the bate for an argument, but I struggle to balance the relationship part because I don't feel like interacting after awhile. She senses that I feel negative ...

Last night she put herself to bed after the battle with the poopy pants. She was in a miserable mood and tired. I was in the garden and when I came up she was asleep. I had hoped that extra sleep would help her cope better in the morning, but alas.


GB's Mom said...

I was hoping Hope would have a better day,too, but that didn't happen.

abrianna said...

I completely agree about the clothes. For me it is worse as my blessing has always been tall so when she was 5 , she was already in 6-7.