Monday, May 21, 2012

Gut / Brain Connection

Been reading a lot.  It's grey and raining and that effects my "mental health". I get LAZY, have migraines and zero energy, but I read.

Here's an interesting link: 

Missy did not come immediately when I called and I put her in time out for 5 minutes to make her think. She would start to whine about her next chore and then she would start laughing at how silly she was being. She gave me many precious smiles. She worked away at getting ready for school. She's slow. She will take a lifetime to learn to use time wisely, but she was not fighting me. Like I said, every time she started to resist and start emitting those irritating whiny noises she stopped herself and laughed.


Well, she had a secret. As we were about to leave she handed me a card she had made yesterday and a chocolate. The card said, "I love you mom" and something about being happy. Brianna had put her up to it, but it was a pleasant surprise. Bri left at 5:25 this morning, so I know the kiddo had to remember on her own this morning.

Today I started them on the anti-fungal. We are using Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) by Nutribiotics.

We continue the Primadophilus capsules by Nature's Way.

At this point Missy has been over 2 years a vegetarian.
Almost 2 years off dairy.
A year and half gluten free.
We started the melatonin Friday.
I make green drinks fresh from the garden several times a week (almost daily)
We are pushing water.
We are back on fresh ground flax and lecithin daily.
I make nuts and seeds and avocados, and other healthy fatty foods more available than any kind of "sugar".
I've cut Missy's fruit intake some.

We are wondering if Missy has sleep apnea. She makes the most startling noises in her sleep! It scares me spit less in the middle of the night if we have to sleep with her in a motel room. Could that contribute to her poor sleep? I have seen that child lay awake ALL night, so it could be multiple things and of course that would make her crabby.


Loosey said...

Sleep apnea in children is more common than one would think, often linked to many throat or ear infections when small that have scarred the adenoids and tonsils. It is believed to contribute significantly to attention deficits. Unfortunately, a hospital-based sleep study is usually the only way to know for sure.

Vertical Mom said...

OMW! I just found your blog and, as I was scrolling through, my mind was randomly wondering, "What IS the connection between RAD and the gut?" When I tuned back in, low and behold, there was this post! So interesting and refreshing to see a foster/adoptive mom embracing the possibilities in the gut/mind connection! Our Little Man came to us 3 months ago with no behavioral issues but loads of processing delays. He is a carboholic and has little white hairs mixed in with his curly black hair. And, the bloated belly...OH MY! I want to try him on a GF diet but I know how DHS works so I want to make sure I cross my t's and dot my i's so to speak. We go to an integrative medicine doc and his insurance just got squared away this week so hopefully we can get to the bottom of this! I think I'll like reading your blog :-)