Friday, June 1, 2012

Oh Happy Day

It's lasted more than 24 hours.

We're on the up and up. Missy is as pleasant as can possibly be. It's the strangest thing to go from all-out, full-blown RAD like behaviors and continual irritability to a cheery demeanor that has no underlying agenda. I feel like I'm walking around on eggshells waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Steve said, "Whatever you are doing with the twins with that health program KEEP doing it."

We're on the third week, but because I had already implemented some things, it's more like we are on the 5th week. Still giving the pro-biotic /acidophilus three times daily, the anti-fungal (GSE) once a day, lecithin for brain function, more than usual amount of ground flax for the Omega 3's, and B6 for manufacture of serotonin in the brain. I had some bottles of different things hanging around that we needed to use up, so they have been getting olive leaf extract - which is for leaky gut syndrome, papaya for digestion, echinacea for immunity.

I have to say the biggest and most prominent, and nearly immediate effect is on the breath. Dragon breath is slain (for now).

Missy went through some hard, hard days and they warned us that she would. Even James has had some tough times. It's anybody's guess if they were hard because of what we are doing or just because that's 'normal' for them. We are not done with hard days. There's a lot involved.


Sophie said...

So glad things are better. :)

D and I had a better day today too. She tried to ruin things but I held tight and things never went too too far south. Looking forward to an even better day tomorrow.

So weird how they cycle. I really need to document the cycles better so I can see when there are more good days and less bad days. Seeing even the slightest progress is so helpful in this journey. :)

C Dawn's bucket said...

It all feels like such a roller coaster ride so much of the time. Glad today went better. Oh..guess it was yesterday. Maybe my wishful thinking will be a good sign.