Thursday, May 17, 2012


I've been thinking of doing it for some time, but today I finally did it.

I went and cleared out Missy's drawers and closet and left 7 outfits, 1 church dress and 2 pairs of pajamas, plus a few essentials. I gave away all the too small stuff, put away the winter things, and put a handful of dresses up in my closet to rotate with.

I'm tempted to label the hangers by the days of the week, but decided to leave her the choice. If she decides to make that an issue we'll label them.

I like it.

I don't like that my side loading washing machine quit and Steve put the top loader from the garage in its place. I'm not impressed. It isn't washing well.

Was able to get an infant car seat, but still have not resolved the crib issue. Oh the rules and regulations on cribs!!!!!!

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