Monday, May 7, 2012

Hey, there, HONEY, sugar pie....

So, our Missy-on-a-no-sugar-diet....

was caught  
red handed down amongst the leftover bee trays with her dipped and dripping fingers just a fraction of an inch from her tongue.

That was close!


Well, we could always start over again tomorrow, right?

This isn't easy business... for me or her, but she is surprisingly content today.  She isn't very excited about green drinks, either, but she's all for probiotics, and garlic caps, and anything else that makes her feel like a pill popper.

Vanessa and Christina have booked their tickets to Europe. 
Youth For Jesus, Hungary and GYC Europe
here they come.
Brianna has tickets to Texas.
Better enjoy these last few weeks of school while these kids are still around!

Missy and Vanessa  looking out over the valley.
Blessed to live in one of the prettiest places of the world!


Oldqueen44 said...

Totally Beautiful.

Dee said...

It is so beautiful! You are blessed indeed! :) Josh and I were just admiring this beautiful landscape picture and he mentioned wanting to live in a place where you can look out onto the earth like that...:)