Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It Made My DAY!

I received this beautiful little card in the mail today.
It was from one of my young choir students.
She must know that gardening is my other hobby.

It's more than a hobby it's my therapy.....

Inside the card says,
"I will never forget these glorious songs. They're stuck to my head like flies on a fly trap."


I haven't stopped smiling since.
A compliment I will not soon forget!
it just makes all the work of choir so worth it.
Speaking of my other hobby:
Radishes, turnips, Russian kale, cilantro, tendergreens, mizuna, parsley, salad
and even a cucumber here and there are keeping us healthy and happy.

I'm always impressed with the colors and variations...

And if you aren't into chewing you can chug it.
Well, actually, we all drink our green smoothies nearly every day.
This one is made from a combination of
lots of cilantro, Russian kale, mizuna, parsley, turnip greens
fresh lemons,
1 emergen C packet
1 banana


Rhonda said...

Those pictures of the produce are stunning. I love color. I think you should frame the first one and hang it in your kitchen. It's so pretty!

~marci~ said...

I have been getting into the green drinks for my health too! But I don't have as much variety from my garden as you have. That is awesome. The pictures of your produce are stunning.

Sarah said...

Cucumbers?! How did you manage to get them to ripen in May? We have lots of nice greens and all, but I'd sure like some cucumbers... :)

Acceptance with Joy said...

In the greenhouse... And they are the cucino kind. Small;-)

Anonymous said...

I discovered juicing about 4 weeks ago... who knew vegetables could be so fun. and sadly, before I couldn't name half the veggies in your picture... I am slowly learning, and they are so beautiful with the array of colors!
Blessings, Sheri