Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day 2

Let's hear it for the cheery girl who got up on the right side of the bed for once!!  This is a totally different girl than yesterday. Yesterday she was a misery ALL day. There was no let up except when she was at school and when she rode in the car with me to town.

It took me awhile to remember that I was suppose to expect irritability early in the program. As the yeast is dying off it can produce a lot of toxins and this can be irritating to the nerves and make the child feel yucky.  Let's hope that's what it was.

We are faithfully following the protocol. James is on the program as well, but we don't see expect to see anything one way or the other with him, because I don't think he has the problem to the same extent, if he has it at all. He was even keel and happy all day. He made a huge mess of dirt with his dump truck by the front porch and I asked him to clean it up and he did without complaint and cleaned it well.

We have a choir concert this morning at a neighboring church, then we're off to the mountain meadows to see the wildflowers, hike and have a picnic.

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