Sunday, May 20, 2012


Missy was so incredibly calm and peaceful yesterday. I had to point it out several times to my husband and friends. She was just content. She was just one of the kids and I didn't have this sense that I had to be on constant guard. Something is happening with this regimen. The kids bowels are cleaning out!!  Missy is a little oppositional this morning, though nothing unusual.

We enjoyed a lovely hike in the meadow and discovered many varieties of wild flowers, including several with genetic aberrations. Variegated violets, Balsam root with unusual fluting of the petals, etc...

We ended the day with a wonderful picnic full of happy discussion and then a couple of songs from our favorite girls :-) They sang Power of the Cross as Steve's request, and then  Before the Throne at Tom's suggestion. The whole outing was just so peaceful.

Don't ask. I just noticed the black think stuck to the center of my picture...

identifying a little frog that jumped out of a hole at them...

deciding that it is a tree frog

when he suddenly took a flying leap right over the cliff

a rubber boa

I was so thankful and pleased with the kid's last concert of the year. We were only missing 4 kids. It may well have been our best performance of the whole school year. The message came through strong and clear. The kids gave it their best. There  is nothing like singing and presenting on the theme of the Great Controversy! The mics were hot... but the people like it that way there. The girls joke that the Valley View people are deaf and need it loud. I thought my ears would burst when we had Brianna, Christina, Ellie and Natalie singing the The New Jerusalem, but then I was right up in their faces and no one seemed to think it was loud out in the congregation.

The little Buddy has an all day trip to see his mommy in another town today. It's weird not having him all day. I hope it goes well.

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Elyssa said...

Made me smile!

Reminds me of when we used to live in that part of WA! :) So beautiful and I sure miss it!