Monday, May 7, 2012


My package of bees arrived last evening 
so it was all hands on deck getting ready to install them in the hive. 
We don't have a bee suit, but we have a couple mosquito nets. 
Some chose to dress up for the occasion, and others did not. 
For some you have to wonder about their outfits...

This isn't the Australian outback.
Nor are we hunting crocodiles.

Me thinks she did not want to get stung on the top of her head.

Whereas, this child shows plenty more caution.
We chose a bee friendly environment above the house.
Love those spring flowers!
Only trouble is,
there's no flat landing place...
So we had to prepare a place with the shovel.
This isn't your usual bee package.
 It had a frame of brood and a frame of honey, and one of pollen to give them a head start.
From what I could tell, though, they had used up quite a bit of the honey already,
but not to worry
because I was prepared with left over frames from a previous hive.
If I could keep everybody from eating it up.
It's rather unorthodox to put the super on already,
but one doesn't usually have a super full of honey
sitting around. 
I'm hoping it's not a mistake.
I won't be feeding them sugar water anyway.
I blocked up the hole except for a bit to help them guard and defend 
the hive from intruders
until they are stronger. 

No one was stung in the process of installing the bees.
Aren't we lucky!

PS. This hive was Brianna's requested 13th birthday present.
Who is laying claim to it now??
The greenhouse was Brianna's requested 16th birthday present.
Who lays claim to it now?

Hmmmm... she needs to think about this a bit!

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Interesting endeavor.