Sunday, December 18, 2011

To Be An Angel

Just an FYI...there is a star in this post. 
please, please notice all my hard work.
{actually, it just happened. 
There was no work involved.}
I just had to point it out - too fitting.

She was in love with her angel wings,
the soft white boa,
the long dress.

She played the part well -
{ for nearly the whole week in anticipation}.
Someone asked her if she was practicing her angel act at home
but she did not understand the double meaning
and she said no,
which made everybody smile.

Thrilled with her part,
she took it seriously,
and even sang along with the choir.

The child is learning to sing...

This angel desperately wanted to
hold the baby Jesus,
that particular Mary was not really into holding...

But little Miss Angel resisted
the urge to take over
the baby's care,


well, because she had orders
to sing
and to hold her candle,
and she wanted to be the  best angel she could be.

makes me think.
I can imagine that REAL angels
wanted to take over the care
of the REAL baby Jesus
all those years ago
in that smelly, dank stable...
But they had orders from on high
to sing

to hold their light above the rooftop of the Bethlehem barn.
I can't imagine it was easy to leave little details of the care
of the God of Heaven in the hands
of lowly human beings
We know their eyes took in every particular
while they waited with bated breath
for a command from God the Father
to intervene.
And probably they did,
in the unseen world,
but they were not permitted to
hold the baby
and nurse the baby
and line the manger with a downy pillow.
They could, however, sing
and illuminate the sky
with their light.

The little angel crawled into bed
very tired,
but happy
already having 
lived her dream...


Daniela said...

Sweet! The kids at my church were also dressed up as angels last Sabbath.

Sarah said...

Nice pictures. She's so cute! :)

~marci~ said...

Beautiful pictures of your angel!

Kelly said...