Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ever Learning - Always Experimenting

Just for the record;
it's December 28 and it's POURING rain at my house.
I never heard of such a thing.

Some may have noticed I don't have a ton of time to play around... 
but we take a minute or two here and there.
Literally, these only took a few minutes to make. 
It was our first try. 
Just so you know, 
we are vegetarian so the only sea part of this sushi is the sea weed (hopefully!)

The test of true success is how long something
sticks around after it has been created in the kitchen. 

Ha! I could hardly get them on the plate
for the vultures hanging over my shoulder...

so, we took it a step further and cooked up some short grain brown rice
and ta-DA! they are every bit as good as the white rice ones.

The girls are in Houston - and we missed the first live broadcast - 
we were in town working on our immigration papers.
Too bad so sad.

When the girls all arrived at the airport in TX they had to figure out how to get to the hotel.
My mom and dad had taken a taxi and it cost them $50...
Because there were 5 girls it was going to cost them twice that.
Vanessa was pleased to inform us they found a bus and it cost them 
a whole dollar and a quarter each to reach their destination. 
Way to go, girls!


~marci~ said...

Contact my girls if they need a ride somewhere. They have our travel van.

Kelly said...

I am impressed that your kids will eat that. My kids are so picky. I am such a bad cook, actually not a cook at all. Any time I do get in the kitchen and really cook something from scratch my kids get scared about what they are going to have to eat. hahaha