Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Steve and I consider ourselves the most blessed parents on earth.
I think the teenage years are so much fun.
We just enjoy each other's company so much.

I loved singing with the girls for the program and for church this past week.
I think we all enjoyed gathering around the harp
or piano in the evenings after the little kiddos are in bed and 
practicing our songs.

It's amazing,
the same two parents - and they all turn out so incredibly different!!
They are all gifted musically,
hard working,
and driven....
but the personalities are so very different.

God is good.

The first quarter of  this school year is over.
Vanessa did not get an A- in chemistry as she thought.
That was just the grade on the last test.
She managed an A, so that puts her at a 4.0 once again.
God blesses her hard, hard work. 
Her policy is:
Put God first,
Go to bed on time.
Get up early if you need to, but always go to bed on time.

Brianna is doing so, so much better health wise this year!!
She is still in treatment.
We have so much to be thankful for.
She actually played her violin at church for the first time in 2 years or more
this past week as part of our special music.
This was her first quarter of "real" school.
She was ambitious and carried quite a load,
but she managed a 3.67 GPA.
She's a tenacious one.

Christina has turned into my right-hand-man.
She's pulling up the slack caused by her sisters' being at the college so much.
She's always willing,
a blessing to the twins,
and getting more organized every day.
The best thing we did was change flute teachers.
She has really made progress and is enjoying her music.
Piano.... that's still hard,
but she's making progress on that left hand stuff :-)
Learning an instrument that reads only one clef for 6 years,
then starting piano at the age of 13  is a challenge.
It's learning to read a new language to read a new clef.
The biology and algebra classes are a highlight for her.

My advice to new young parents - if anybody's asking : -)

Love your kids
Make God first
and teach them to LOVE Him best,
Keep them close,
Avoid peer dependence,
Be open and honest,
Discipline (disciple) consistantly,
Pray without ceasing,
Ask forgiveness when you fail them.
God has promised to sustain us and guide us and 
He makes up for our deficiencies.


~marci~ said...

Great advice! I love my teen+ kids too!

Daniela said...

Nice picture of your girls. You are blessed :-)

bearie1 said...

Beautiful picture of the girls. Would you mind telling me who is who though? Thanks and Merry Christmas. Elaine

Acceptance with Joy said...

First on the left is Brianna. Christina is in the middle, and Vanessa is on the right.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Elaine