Sunday, December 25, 2011

For a Christmas Miracle {Part 2}

I don't know how many parts there will be to this story . . . probably a few.

Today is Christmas 


Missy's dream came true this morning.

She couldn't have been more pleased.

She's been serenading us in absolute bliss almost constantly...

and the screeching and scratching  has been most worth it

just to see how happy and content she is.

(You might want to ask us how we feel about it by next week).

She's had a dozen lessons already.

The cutest, most endearing part of the story is when 

she brought her violin and bow over to Steve and I and asked,

"Do you like my violin?"

Yes, I like your violin. Are you going to learn to play it?

"Yes, but let's pray to God first."

She bowed her head and said, 

"Thank you God for my new violin. . . " and 

she  proceeded to tell Him the big long story of how she got it, 

and she ended with asking Him to help her learn to play as well as  Brianna. . . Awe. . .

I told Steve our next challenge will be Sabbath morning when she 

thinks she can take her violin to church and wants to serenade the whole church.

Sure enough, she's already got big plans 
to that end.

I told she wasn't taking it to church until she learns Jesus Loves Me

and half an hour later she announced that she had learned it.

lol. Okay... well, I'll be the judge on that one!

Buster Brown loved opening his present and it was exactly what he wanted,
unfortunately, he doesn't have any patience
and he had a major melt-down mid-morning.
It was last year, all over again.
Last year we thought it was because there was too many presents and too much excitement.
so we cut everything way back to the bare minimum (a very good idea anyway),
and he still fell apart.
He's over tired and that doesn't help,
but somehow the build up to opening presents is too much in his own mind.

Just an FYI to those reading the blog because of interest in foster-care adoption
and open adoption....
just as we were sitting down to Christmas dinner
the phone rang, and rang, and rang....
Biological aunts, siblings and sibling's adoptive families called one right after another
and the children hardly had time to take a bite between calls.
I've yet to be convinced of the benefits of such brief exchanges.
The kids act like they know who they are talking to
and talk a blue streak...
but after the call if you ask who they were talking to they just shrug and say they don't know.


Sarah said...

Aw, I love it! :) Violin is positively the best instrument to learn! (ok...I'm biased.)
Those little violins are so cute; I've always been enamored with their tiny-ness and cuteness. I hope Missy continues to enjoy learning to play it! :)

Oldqueen44 said...

I am so happy for Missy.
God is good.

Kelly said...

:) This just makes me smile!

schnitzelbank said...

I know you are all musicians, so please just ignore me if you already know all about Suzuki Method:

Busy Mommy said...

Oh my goodness she is too cute! I agree on the phone calls. Thankfully (I guess in a weird way) ours have become to re interested in drugs to call.