Friday, December 30, 2011

They Did IT! - {The Girls at GYC }

The girls were so blessed. They looked natural and easy as though they are used to singing in front of thousands . . . I was praying for them. Tom and Cindy and I sat and watch the live streaming TV together with all the little kids. It was fun to be together while our girls were singing. I think we were more nervous than they! It was too bad Steve was at work. He would have been so happy to watch with us.

We saw my dad announcing a change of venue for ASI. It won't be in TX this summer as planned, it will be in OHIO.  Okay, like that's just next door to each other??!

Vanessa and I talked on the phone for quite a long time. She was very excited about some of the meetings she is attending. She had some of her Bible questions answered.

It looks like Vanessa may be even more involved in GYC for next year. It's good. AND it will be close to home next year.

Brianna has recently come to the realization that she will not be going to Hungary with Vanessa this coming summer with Youth for Jesus. Our immigration status is changing. Our green card is expiring. Vanessa was born in the States, so she has no glitches to think about. Brianna, our B.C. baby,  is stuck in the middle of it all. This has been distressing to her. She had almost decided to just stay home and pick tomatoes with me, but Steve and I feel that last summer was such a huge blessing to her that we thought she needed to consider going. She was concerned of the costs, and going without Vanessa, etc... Soooo, today she was asked if she would be a speaker at YFJ, TX. She was thrilled to be asked.  Now we are thinking to have Christina apply and the two can go together.

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Sean Nebblett said...

They were such a blessing! They were prayed with/for several times backstage. And they seemed as calm there as up front. (Until they came back off... Then there was some bouncing around ;)) thanks to both families for sharing them with us... We are in your debt.