Friday, December 23, 2011

In a Stable

I guess it's sort of old fashioned
to invite our neighbors to come sing with us around a toasty fire,
but they come,
and they seem to like it.
In fact, some who were here last year,
brought new friends this year.
We sang every Christmas carol we could think of
next to our "stable"...
One young man, that we met tonight, knew all the words
to all the songs.
You could tell he's a musician the second he opened his mouth.
The harmonies were gorgeous.
Some of our company
aren't used to singing, and they don't know the words.
Two lads were especially embarrassed to be singing...
but I think they might have learned a thing or two from the Young Musician.
Singing is not just for girls :-).
Eventually they warmed up to the idea... or got cold
and needed to warm up to the fire.
All boys do love fire.
It drew them in.

Mr. Goosey Gander was especially excited about the company in his barn tonight.
He's rather opinionated and noisy about it... and a little possessive.
Very personable.
Definitely the center of attention.

What a blessing to read the Christmas story
straight from the Bible
right out there by the barn
where it's quite easy to imagine what it was really like to put a newborn in a bed of straw.
Not just any newborn -
but the Son of GOD.

This is what I love about Christmas -
people are open to share....
(Not one family from the same church
or denomination)
all coming together to sing the sacred old songs
and read the sacred old story
together as friends and neighbors.

We finished off the evening with food and hot drinks.
15 children all together in one house was not the least overwhelming or crazy.

It was a lovely evening.
The only thing missing 
was snow.

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Beth Anna said...

How fun!!! We don't have any snow either. It's definately not the same. Merry Christmas!!