Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cotttage Get-Away

One doesn't usually think of going to a beach cottage for Christmas holidays - at least not at this latitude. Visions of Currier and Ives beat a hasty retreat and suddenly it feels more like spring break instead of Christmas.

I LOVE it!

However, our first night was more of a nightmare than a sweet night away.

A migraine hit right about bedtime and I discovered I had forgotten my trusty little "bottle". OH MY! Sometimes I carry a little guilt about using over-the-counter pain meds. I use a fair amount to cope with the migraines. I have sometimes thought maybe I was being a sissy and should give the natural methods a fairer chance. EVERYTHING I tried last night did not work for more than a minute or two.I was desperate.  At 4 AM Steve dressed and headed for the nearest 24 hour gas station. I hadn't slept but an hour in all and I was getting worse by the minute.

It was then that I discovered Missy was burning up with fever. Like really burning up.  Christina was fussing about not being able to sleep. Brianna came down the stairs to ask her dad to pick up a toothbrush for her while he was at the gas station and Vanessa and James waited in line for the bathroom. No one was sleeping or had been for some time.

At 5 AM Steve returned and Missy's vomiting commenced. We don't do sick at our house! This is the first time I can't remember her being this kind of sick. James has a couple of times, but this is a first for her.

Five minutes after popping a pill I was completely out - for 5 solid hours. What can I say? It works. I've been fine ever since. Missy not so much. Poor kid hasn't been able to keep a thing down.

This place is actually a marine biology station for a university. It's off-season. The cabins are lovely. The rocks  on the beach are the prettiest around. We all turn into rock hounds every time we come.This time I determined to only take pictures home... These are Bri's. Mine are on my phone.

Flowers in December!

We hiked and sat around and read and relaxed, oh and Missy has had a dozen more violin and bow holding lessons. Brianna has the patience of a saint.

Tomorrow we head for the airport to drop off the girls for Generation of Youth For Christ. Wish I was going,  but apparently it's for young people. (How is it my parents get to go?)

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