Thursday, December 29, 2011

My End of the Year Garden

Can you believe it?


Barbara said...

Really? Was that from your greenhouse or outside? I'd like to learn more.

~marci~ said...

That is awesome. I think I will find my way to your house when if i have to leave mine~we can at least eat salad together! lol I love salads.

Acceptance with Joy said...

:-) Thanks!

These are in my greenhouse. No heat. One layer of plastic. Lots of cracks, etc... The plants are protected from the snow and situated for the best sunlight, but other than that I wouldn't consider it the best growing conditions. However, you should taste my salads :-) The flavor is incredible. The leaves are sweet and tender and flavorful!! So, the thing we have learned is. Don't water at all. Don't pick the salads when they are frosty or they just turn to slime. There are days when I can't cut salads because it's too cold. On days that it warms up enough then we cut and the leaves are fine.

There is a book about winter gardening. I list it somewhere on my garden blog.