Friday, February 4, 2011

Redo, Redo, Redo.... Wash, Rinse and Repeat...

Buster is sitting beside me on the couch looking at a book. I just asked him how many breakfasts he had today and neither, he nor I know for sure. He just says "Many" but it's closer to 4 or 5 for him.

Cold mush or hot cereal from the rice cooker with milk was the menu.

I ran myself ragged doing this morning routine over and over. They would do great on most of it and then there would be a glitch where they stalled, or got upset and back into pajamas and bed they went. Both kids had a major tantrum each during the course of the day. Buster's was when I sent him to bed for repeat number 2. Missy's was when she knew I was running to the store and she got into her "I'm going to tell you what I'm going to do, and I'm going to town" mode. I said no and she blew royally. I put her back to bed. I called home to see if they had stayed in bed when I left and she had fallen asleep. She just went back to bed for another repeat since she was having a problem with my directions.

Missy can make her bed in 3 minutes flat. She can get dressed in less than that if the clothes are picked out. I've had all three timers going most of the day.

We practiced and practiced our morning routine  so we have it down to a fine art. I am warning them, if they can't do it tomorrow then hey, we know how to practice!

Christina managed to make 6 loaves of bread for her customers. I made really nice carrot muffins that are gluten-free and a new kind of gluten-free bread with rosemary in it, and two different pot pies - between serving breakfasts, of course.


Kelly said...

You ARE crazy!!!

You definitely won the "crazy contest" today. :)

Hoping they remember all this crazy when they get up in the morning and fly right through their morning routine. :)

Anonymous said...

I don't have time right now to read your blog... but I clicked in from Kari's at Coffee Catharsis. I was attracted to your name. I was AcceptanceWighJoy on my old, now private blog. My new blog has fake names fro my family. Anyway, I love Hind's Feet ~