Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cautiously Optimistic

I think I might have prayed them out of the neighborhood.

My prayer was actually, them or us.

I could not ever feel safe with that crew of teens up there on the hill. It's not that they are bad people that I know of. I don't know if they do drugs, or drink excessively, though I do go around picking up the beer cans they throw into the pasture, I don't know what they do in their spare time besides dirt bike. I guess it's not really abnormal for some teens to have crowds of friends over creating a raucous day and night.

Though they are our closest neighbor, their house isn't not really that close but my beef was their driving!

I didn't like not being able to sleep for the all night parties, I was totally frustrated with their dog, and I find their strewn garbage disgusting, but it's the FEAR of one of my kids being killed by their immature driving that had me praying them, or us out of the neighborhood.

The worst driving offender didn't even live there. He was just there all the time driving around that one lane blind corner at top speed with no heed to what or who he might hit.

We're still fighting the insurance thing. How in the world can it be our fault for stopping in the road with nowhere else to go  when he was flying, swerving from side to side out of control and hitting the front of our suburban sideways?

Last Saturday, Mary and I were taking our kids for a walk. We wandered along the ditch and through the orchard but found ourselves at the road and the shortest way home was by the road. I dread driving that corner - walking it was terrifying.  I warned all the kids to stay to the side. A child's idea of the side and MY idea of the side vary by about 4 or 5 feet and just as we crested the hill on the blind corner here came that blasted little black Toyota! I screamed, Mary yelled, we ran, we herded our brood off in the nick of time. I was upset. Vanessa was still shaking half an hour later. I was steaming actually.

You wouldn't believe it, but a sheriff knocked on the door 45 minutes later. He wanted to serve Steve yet another subpoena for that court case that won't go away, but since I answered the door I was like, "I have a question for YOU!!'

We explained the problem and shared how we didn't know what to do because it's a private road and we aren't interested in starting a war. He kindly said he would send out an alert to the rest of the police and that our whole road would feel more police presence. We described the little black Toyota and he said he'd keep an eye out.

Two days later Christina and I were on the highway when we spotted our "favorite" little black Toyota being trailed by an unmarked cop car. . .  He's a MARKED man that poor guy! LOL.

Well, all has been quiet at the neighbors house this week and the few times we have seen people there they were loading furniture. We're wondering if it's because we saw the Dad who owns the place take a run up there the other day for the first time in months... The place has been getting trashed.

But we don't really know if they are moving... or just getting rid of furniture.

I'm still praying.  And I'm hoping it's them 'cause our life is crazy enough right now without a move. Wouldn't that turn our lives upside down? ... but then, I wonder who will move in next?

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Trinie said...

I hope you are right! I have been trying to comment on Marci's blog, but my computer won't even let me enter hers. I would like to get to know her as well. She has left a few comments on mine, but I can't reply. Do you know why?