Sunday, February 6, 2011

He Puked at Me

 The morning routine was accomplished two days in a row!

The twins did very well with the morning routine yesterday. They had no desire to do it over and over and over all day again. This morning they are on the ball, too. I'm keeping the redo, redo, redo plan within reach so that if anyone so much as whines about the morning routine, or stalls for 5 minutes they'll soon remember to be grateful they are usually required to only do it once a day. I think this plan was a direct answer to prayer.

Okay... so Buster just leaned over the couch I'm sitting on after downing his water real quick and said to me, "I did it mom!" and promptly puked the water all over the couch.  Whew! he barely missed me. Well, it serves to remind there's a balance to everything. Why is it kids have to be in one extreme or the other. LOL.

Christina went skiing last night. It wasn't good snow. In fact it was mostly ice. She managed to take out Caroline, then Caleb, then some unknown girl and then lost her skis. Thankfully no one was hurt. Caroline and Caleb had the best time reciting how comical it was to watch Christina get off the chair lift.

Vanessa's anxious to meet Abundant Life's new Bible worker. The girl is 19 and just graduated from Arise. She found 9 Bible study interests in the first week she was here. Vanessa will be spending most of the week in town staying at Peggy's to help with the Talls and to be close to the college while I am gone. Peggy is getting married in a week and Vanessa will be grandparent sitting for her while she goes on her honeymoon.

We came home from our walk yesterday to find our house eerily silent and cold. I had just remarked how warm it was outside - nearly 50 degrees only to come in the house and find that it was about 50 degrees in here. Not sure what's up with the furnace, but we have had to get the wood stove going. Problem is, it only heats the livingroom. We know the furnace is OLD but it's not in the budget to replace it just now.

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Trinie said...

I didn't know Peggy was engaged! Who's the lucky guy?