Thursday, February 3, 2011

Learning the Hard Way

Trying to teach

from cause to effect,
to think logically,
to learn from past mistakes,
that negative thoughts propel negative actions,
and all the rest of it,
is tedious and and slow, and PLAIN HARD WORK!

Yesterday was LONG and HARD. We spent a lot of time "connecting the dots" and dealing with natural consequences as well as a few not-so-natural consequences designed to reinforce the lessons both Steve and I were trying to teach. I needed Steve because my patience was nearly at an end.

Today Buster is right on the ball.He can tell you backwards and forwards what happens when you make the right choices, and what happens when you do not. He can connect the dots. And he's happy to do the right thing.

Missy can, too... but she is determined that it won't be so. She's been very sad this morning. I held her on my lap and let her cry, but I cannot waiver on the lessons she MUST learn. I know that tomorrow she will do the right thing. She might even do the right thing for 2 or 3 days in a row... but the disobedience will continue to cycle because her will is super strong and inclination rules.  Buster will cycle, too, his cycle is longer, though and stretching out.

Can you really teach illogical people to think logically? I guess we'll find out... :-)


Mama in Uganda said...

With GOD all things are POSSIBLE!

Blessings and love,

waldenbunch said...

After almost 11 years we're still working on this. Not only is it about the brain function but first and foremost it's about the heart. Oh, how hard it is to capture these kids' hearts. You're doing a great job. Go easy on yourself because it's a marathon, not a sprint.