Sunday, February 6, 2011

Not What We Said

Missy, the little stinker, went to her Sabbath school class and announced that her birthday is in a couple weeks and she is turning 7 and she's going to primary with Joyanna! The teacher came to me wondering. LOL. There is no way.

Missy knows we said she had to learn to read first.We've had several major discussions on this topic. She appears to accept the facts when we explain things, however, she is actively looking for a loophole. After doing school for one day last week she is telling people she is learning to read.

This is just an example of her determination to find a way to get her heart's desire. You have to admire that kind of doggedness. I'm positive if we could harness her tenacious will she could do mighty things for God one day.

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Kelly said...

LOL I have to laugh about this as it reminds me of Delaney going to church (a long time ago) and telling them that her name was not (her birth name) but Grace. She made them write Grace on all her papers and call her Grace and then they asked me if we had changed her name already. LOL

I explained that I call her Grace at home because she is clumsy but that was not going to be her new name and we couldn't change it yet. :)

When she transfers all that "street smart stubborn determination" to the books she will be a genius.