Friday, February 11, 2011

An A+ on Being a Romantic

My husband get's an A+ on being a romantic. He's gone all out and there's a surprise around every corner. He makes reservations ahead for every place and there's no waiting or wondering if there's room.

We ate at another nice place.... Thai food. Lots of flavor; ginger, mint, lemon grass. Yummy stuff and suddenly tickets to the symphony appeared and, of course, that was just across the street. A box of chocolates shows up at the least expected of places and a valentine's card. He's gone all out.

He's in his meeting right now. The internet is the pits, so I"m in this little cubicle downstairs trying to get my email... but the set up is bad and I'll be suffering carpel tunnel in about five minutes... I'll just make this quick.

The kids are doing great. Buster won't let himself go to the bathroom. I was surprised. I'd hoped he'd just go along with things. Miralax and prune juice here we come!!  I guess he needs this mean old mom! Otherwise, Sherri says they've been good for her. They all went sledding yesterday - which was amazing to me. We haven't had snow in a month and 3 or 4 miles down the road they are still in the dead of winter. I should have packed snow clothes.

Yesterday, Vanessa took care of dinner for the Elderly Talls....Christina made bread with Tori for the Morgans, and I heard Brianna made muffins with Dakota and Johanna. I guess you could say cooking is in their blood.

Vanessa finally went in and talked to her English teacher. She has had NO feedback whatsoever regarding how she is doing in the class. No assignments have been returned or anything, so, she went into the office and asked how she was doing in the class. The teacher told her she's getting a B+.... which only complicated matters because that is NOT the grade Vanessa is after and how can she fix the problem if she doesn't know where she's having trouble? I question that kind of teaching... I am pretty sure she's headed back to the teacher's office for more concrete feedback.... Wow. She's a different kid than I was, much more bold and assertive. She knows what she's after and she isn't letting the dust settle till she gets there.

Vanessa had a great time with Amanda - the new Bible worker. "OH MOM! She's just like me!!! Both are  missionary nurses in the making and they visited for three hours without a moment of awkwardness or hesitation. It's good. Very good.

Christina has had orders for 14 loaves of bread this week. Thanks to all who are supporting her efforts to raise money for her trip to Tanzania! She never thought she could make money quite like this before. It's amazing for a thirteen year old to count up the dollars as they come in. People are SUPER, DUPER generous. There's no fixed price on the bread. She even received a check in mail from a young man she doesn't really know and he lives too far away to send him bread. :-)

We are all very glad to hear Jason and Antionette and the girls are back in Tanzania safe and sound after all their weeks of traveling all over Africa.

The Lord's been good to all of us.

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Kelly said...

Have a wonderful time. I'm green. Yep. Big fat green monster of envy just climbed up in my lap as I started reading your post. Have fun!!