Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Bread Baker

Our resident bread baker has been baking bread to fill her orders since 5 AM. Funny how she gets orders Monday night and we have to be in town by 10 AM Tuesday for appointments. She's like how am I going to do this?

Just like every other baker in the world, kiddo. They get up early and have the bread ready to sell before breakfast.

Her loaves are gorgeous and maybe a little extra huge this morning. Since she sent out her flyer saying she bakes bread to raise money for her trip to Tanzania the orders have been really coming in steady, but not just for bread.
Please, bake me a batch of gluten-free muffins. 
Can you babysit for me Thursday night, oh and what about Sunday night?
Can you take care of my birds and cat this weekend? 
I'll pay you to keep C practicing his times tables.

It's good. She's having to balance school and work and keep track of all her orders.

Missy's been saying, "I love you mommy!" over and over today. That's a good sign that today should go happily. Buster sang all through his lights... that's a very good sign!

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Trinie said...

Hey bread baker! Are you going to come and bake some loaves at my house this week? I need to make bread, maybe you and Tori could do it for me and you could earn some money for Africa! What do you think? :)