Monday, February 14, 2011

Catch Up

Just got back from a trip to the way-too-far-away city for the twin's vision therapy appointment. Buster is sporting new glasses. Thick as coke bottles, but with prisms this time. Don't tell him I don't like them. I asked if later when it matters to him if we paid for the glasses out of pocket instead of using State resources if they could be made better. They said they could make them WAY better looking, but for now they encouraged me to stay with these.

Yesterday Missy was wandering around bored - a precursor to trouble. I had her empty all her dresser drawers out and refold all the clothes and put them in like piles. She did a great job and stuck with it to the end. Later she needed to pay restitution for destroying someone's property and I had her do all of Buster's drawers too. This is a job she likes to do and it's much needed because when they are digging for clothes they completely stir everything up and shirts and pants and socks are all mixed up in every drawer.

Missy is in bed for a 30 minute nap. She has recently started whining again. Yesterday she had two naps. Today hopefully there will only be one. One whine and I am certain you are just too tired to handle life without a nap. I am thankful when I remember the days when putting these kids to bed for a nap meant an all out screaming and rage session that could last for hours on end with them beating their fists against the wall and tearing the room to pieces. The change has been so slow, but it's change none-the-less.

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