Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Big Birthday Coming Up

All birthdays are a big deal to the twins, but this time it will be their turn.

They can't wait.

When we talk about past birthdays the only one they talk about is their 6th birthday when we took them to the park the second time we met them. We stuck candles in doughnuts, sang happy birthday, gave them each a present and played in the park.

It's their only memory of celebrating their birthday.

Everytime Buster plays with his giant floor puzzle he reminds me that he got it for his 6th birthday from us. Whenever Missy wears the butterfly dress she reminds me that I gave it to her on her 6th birthday.  Buster told someone last week that the birthday in the park was his first birthday. Everybody laughed because he's obviously he's no one year old.

They don't talk about any of their other possessions that they brought with them having any meaning or who might have given it to them.

With much prodding we cannot come up with any other birthday memory. Nothing. Nada!

I wonder if having no birthday memories is because of poor memory, or they were too young mentally, or because there are no photos to stimulate memory,  or is it that no one celebrated their birthday in the past? Surely not, but I guess we'll never really know.

Missy is constantly talking about the birthday cake she and I are going to make. She makes sure we're talking gluten-free and chocolate. If she had her way there would also be cupcakes with lots of frosting, but given the choice between cupcakes and a big cake she'll take the cake every time. She has big plans! Buster is more content to just see what the day will bring. Missy also likes to remind everyone that, as she puts her hand on the top of her head, she is getting bigger! If anyone complements her behavior or abilities she reminds everyone she's almost 7.

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