Thursday, February 17, 2011

How Do I Know?

It's amazing.

I just know when they are lying.

They can have all the "evidence in their favor" but I have this feeling, way deep down that it's all a boldfaced lie and all the evidence is manufactured.

I would never want to accuse them of lying when they are telling the truth, but there are a few tricks to ascertaining the truth and when those fail me, time will eventually tell. Thankfully, these kiddos, when directly confronted usually come clean, but if not their eyes give them away.

I tell them that God helps me to know. And I believe that.

Put away lying, speak every man truth. Eph.4:25

Can you guess what the issue at our house is this morning? LOL!


QuackenBaby said...

That's been our issue lately too... I can't STAND a liar... and especially my own children. I realize its a defense thing, and it is getting better... but how could anyone 5 or 25 possibly think I am THAT stupid???

My 5 yr old drew on her comforter and told me to dog must have rolled the pen on her bed. She couldn't comprehend that I know 100% that my dogs are not smart enough to write "LAYLA" on her bed.

I will say my dogs are probably smart enough to know they wouldn't get away with lying though!

Mama in Uganda said...

It is the Holy Spirit.

God loves your children and does not want them to be liars--thus the reason their sin is revealed and found out.

Keep pointing them to the Truth.

Blessings and love,