Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Child Insomniac

I am  beginning to realize just how much of the night Missy is awake.

I wonder if she got a full half hour of sleep last night.

You can only imagine what shape she was in this morning or what kind of mood she met me with.

What's the deal?

She's not afraid or she wouldn't be singing and talking and playing with her dolls.

When I insist that she stay in bed I hear tales from the others downstairs of a lot of tossing and turning and huffing going on in her room. Last night was unbelievable, but it's actually not that uncommon and most likely contributes to some of the attitudes troubles.

Buster sleeps. I know because his room is just next to mine.

It doesn't seem to make any difference if Missy exercises hard or not. It's unpredictable. I am wondering if there is more food sensitivities that we don't know of that would contribute to her sleep issues?  While her health is improving all the time, there are enough signs that all is not perfect yet. I took her off soy today. We'll just give it a week or two and see if it helps.

I did schedule a doctor's appointment for a consult about allergy and celiac testing.

In other news:

  • I just got my first phone call from adoption support. That was a long time in coming!!
  • The kids say they just saw the first robin a few minutes ago. 
  • The twins have lived here for a whole 11 months today.
  • Vanessa withdrew from her PE class because when she was sick she turned in an assignment a few hours late, which all on it's own dropped her grade from an A to a B... and well, that would have messed up her GPA and one credit wasn't worth that kind of drop. Instead, for exercise she is taking Missy running in the afternoons. (I don't ever remember having a concern that big over a B grade.... but then I never tried to get into a nursing school, either.)
  • Vanessa ran into her first glitch in the college yesterday. The teacher is having his students watch a movie...but he has kindly said she could do an alternative assignment. Now we are frantically trying to find a book or documentary that adheres to the criteria he set out.


Siblings Inc. said...

Hmmmm. You might want to check her for a sensitivity to corn. Also you might try taking her off apples- the pesticides they put on non-organic apples wire a lot of kids (myself included, to the point that I hardly get any sleep some nights). And one more thing: I'd suggest you get them checked for Scotopic Light Sensitivity, (A.K.A. Irlen Synrome-- http://irlen.org/) and Oculomotor Dysfunction. Before I got my tinted lenses, and Vision Therapy, I would get so mad and upset. I barely read, because letters would flip, shake, spin, and cause me all sorts of trouble. Now days I rarely have an explosion (literally), unless my glasses are broken. It's the same with my brother, plus soy makes him angry at everybody for everything.

Praying for you!

Emily Rose

Sean and Lisa said...

Have you ever heard of Melatonin? (Sp?) It is a natural sleep aid.
Prayers being said for you!