Saturday, February 12, 2011

One Year Ago... and Shooting the Preacher

We met the twins one year ago today.

We celebrated by going on an 11 mile hike.... LOL!  The twins aren't nearly as impressed with themselves as we are with them and they were not very impressed with the last couple of miles in the dark. Honestly, though, they did exceptionally well. There was no real fussing or complaining.

We are all sore.

We did the hike in under 4 hours.

During the sermon at church Buster found a hair tie. He played quietly with it in his hand. Once he shot it at the floor by his feet, but he looked a little sheepish and found other use for it, so I returned my attention to the sermon on our need for the Holy Spirit.  He is uncommonly quiet and still generally in church. I saw no need to take the rubber band away....

He must have had some tension on it, because suddenly, the thing broke, shot out of his hand and hit the pulpit.

The preacher startled and said, "Hmmmm, that was interesting!"

Buster was mortified

and buried his head in my lap.

I thought he might cry, but suddenly he was seized with a fit of giggles... and then Christina and the little girl behind me were hit with the same trouble.

The giggles were terribly contagious and spreading.

I knew I had to get it contained... but it was all we mothers could do to maintain our composure ourselves.... I finally had to cover Buster's head with his winter coat and pinch his ear a little while he worked on pulling himself together, his head down in my lap.

Ah, boys. How boring the world would be without them.


Becky said...

that is classic, be sure to write it down to tell him when older. I love it, and can relate oh, so well. lol

Sean and Lisa said...

LOL! Classic boy for sure!

Kelly said...


Jenny said...

So funny!

waldenbunch said...

I love this! Hold tight to it during the hard times and don't forget the gift of laughter.

Jennifer said...

Awesome! Snicker away. That was too good not to share. Boys will be boys.

Diane said...

Oh, a story to always remember!