Thursday, February 3, 2011


Today, when Buster was doing his 1st grade activity sheets for reading and phonics, Missy brought out a little kindergarten workbook, opened it in the middle and asked what to do. I was a little surprised. She likes to color, and she likes to cut, and she is even willing to write her letters, but anything more than that she would fight me tooth-and-nail.  I chose not to fight it. It's battle enough to get her dressed in a timely fashion in the morning. I figure once she learned to follow directions we would go there, but she's not quite 7 so we have lots of time for learning to read. Besides, I have this worry that she is dyslexic and think learning to read will be an uphill road.

Today she decided she actually would like to learn something. I spent some time with her teaching her things and she did catch on. She has conditioned herself to only say what she thinks you want to hear, though,  and that doesn't work very well for school work. Hopefully she'll soon figure that out, but it has something to do with confidence. I felt like she really tried and really understood and WANTED TO! YAY!!

I am excited to see her little brain clicking. Before she always did everything wrong whether or not she knew the answer. It was her way of staying in control. I knew it was time to quit today when she colored everything pink - monkeys, bananas, mountains, trees. I had her fix the page and then put it away. I won't be drawn into a battle over school with her.

Her little friend moved from the Kindergarten class at church to Primary. The impact on Missy was huge. Steve patiently explained that Joyanna knows how to read. She is in first grade and does school work every day. She is ready for a more challenging class. Missy spends so much of her time fighting obedience that she has not time or desire to learn to read and isn't ready to go to the Primary class.

She is SOOOO not ready for Primary in every way... but maybe she's ready to do a page or two of phonics activities a few days a week. We'll see.

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