Sunday, December 26, 2010

Xmas is Over, On to the Next Thing -GYC!!!

That last post...  I guess it really was all I had to say. It was some gripe about still being miserable sick.....

Vanessa and Brianna get to start packing today!! The two of them are flying across the country for the Generation of Youth for Christ convention in Baltimore.

It's pretty exciting.

The dress code is business and dressy so my country gals have to look hard in the closet and choose  carefully.

Vanessa has wanted to do this for a couple of years. It's nice they have so many friends from all over going. They will be a long ways from home, but we have a lot of friends who will be there.

They will be fine.

This will give us a feel what it would be like for them to go to Youth For Jesus in Sacramento come summer. That's on their list of "really want to do!!" They applied a month ago, but haven't heard a word back. They will seek out the Youth for Jesus coordinators at GYC and chat with them about it. They applied online so it could be that the application got lost in cyberspace, or the Youth for Jesus team hasn't looked at applicants, yet. It is early. :-)

Speaking of Youth for Jesus, it all ends at the ASI convention which we haven't been to in a few years. I used to plan the kindergarten program and so we went faithfully every year, but I kind of burned out on the kindergarten stuff  . . . okay, not kind of, really burned out. Our plan is to go to the convention this year. My folks will be there, we'll stay at my Aunt and Uncle's and the big news I just heard is that  my Aunt and Uncle from the East Coast of Canada are planning to be there also. So Whoohoo! Family reunion about to happen!!!


momof4boys said...

More news, We plan to be there too. Art said that He thinks it is very important that I should be able to go and so we are working towards that goal.

Reina said...

We definitely need to plan a chance to meet! I would love to spend a little time with you all while you are in my town!