Sunday, December 5, 2010

One More Night

We started earlier and went later.... Everything went so much smoother!!! We had much better crowd control and it felt like we had less people, not more, but we had more.

The camel is a hit. Lily is 9 months old and stands 5'6" and is charming everyone.

I'm busy working on my program for tonight. There were  a few who felt we needed "more exciting" stuff and they ran with that for a bit, but I believe with all my heart that we are not merely entertaining....  We are presenting CHRIST. The music must reflect that. If we are entertaining only, I'm in the wrong place.... and so, I have to hold on and be prepared. . . God will have to bless the rest.

I had a babysitter last night. That made life much more manageable for me. The twins were out of sorts and naughty yesterday morning. Hopefully today they can keep it together a little better.

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GB's Mom said...

Best wishes tonight!