Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Lost Art of Thinking

We are home, but the girls are still flying....

Their flight was canceled and they didn't fly until this evening and they won't arrive until morning. Kind of a bummer to miss some of the action and the key-note speaker. They are just grateful that they did find a flight. With the whole airport situation due to the snow in the North East finding an alternative flight was nip and tuck.  Sounds like they will be getting quite involved in GYC.... will save that info for when I know more.  I'm just happy they have this opportunity to go. I'm going to try and watch as many of the meetings online as possible.

We got a call while we were still out of town that the work at the church met with some calamity. The pastor fell off of a 12 foot ladder breaking and fracturing 7 various important bones and puncturing his lung. He's in the hospital now. He's on forced vacation for the next 6 weeks or more...

Missy had a spat of anger and some screaming at Christina in a rest area on the way home. I tried to help her to see that kind of behavior is not acceptable and she flipped out at me.... I took her walking in the snowstorm. We walked around and around the rest area until she had satisfactorily changed her attitude. It was so silly.  Was she tired, overstimulated, testing, or just throwing all caution to the wind? Thankfully we didn't have to walk for more than 25 minutes.

I received a flyer in the mail tonight that has me all excited.

Not that I can go to this conference,
it's just that this is the kind of information I have been craving for dealing with the twins.

The flyer is advertising a book called: The Lost Art of Thinking by Neil Nedley, MD. The subtitle is How to Improve Emotional Intelligence and Achieve Peak Mental Performance.

I straightaway ordered the book online. It's expensive, but worth it, I believe. I have gone through some of Dr. Nedley's materials on Depression, cognitive behavior therapy,  nutritional therapy for the brain, etc...

ALWAYS interesting.

ALWAYS balanced.

Dr. Nedley is a student of the scriptures, natural laws of health and science.  He works with his patients through lifestyle management.

I'm hoping that the Emotional Intelligence Summit will be recorded somehow.
I would love to hear the speaker, Kelly Dulac, MA on

~Neuroscience of character and the brain, learn techniques that will help to protect the brain and improve character development,

~The Neuroplasticity of the Brain: How Thoughts and Attitudes and Behaviors can Change, How to modify behavior by changing thought patterns and attitudes,

~and How to Train the Brain for Discipline, Learn techniques for teaching children habits for discipline and success.

I think I could really learn something!!

For now, I'm off to listen to Dr. Nedley on   Improving Emotional Intelligence .


Sean and Lisa said...

Wow girl you are so knowledgeable about this stuff! I've never heard of Dr. Nealy but am certainly going to check him out. Sounds like information we could use around here because we have one child who lives in that "lost art of thinking" place. UGH!!
Thanks for sharing.
Much love!

~marci~ said...

I received the information about Dr. Nedleys' new book too,and the summit they are having. Wish the cost to attend were not so prohibitive! I would like to go...but alas, I will probably just settle for the book, or hope for the summit to be recorded.
I have his Depression Recovery set... They were good! I need to review them!
I can see how the information could help you with the twins.
Glad you arrived home safely!