Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Pool

So, in this family the hotel is strictly rated by the pool.

AND this one practically has ice on it.

We knew it was an outdoor pool, but hey, it should be heated, right?

Think again.

The Hot tub on the other hand was HOT!!

So, it started off with Steve offering the kids a dollar if they would dunk in. I knew the girls would. I've seen them jump into glacier lakes, but I was surprised at the twins.  All five of them did it. After that the kids would get all steamy hot and then jump in the ice-water and see how long they could last. Twenty - six seconds was the record. It was just like hydrotherapy.

Oh, well, that's what you get for $45. Actually this is a Double Tree fancy hotel, not sure why they don't heat the pool. Another thing we didn't count on was they charged for parking.

We  visited the twins foster parents. It was a good visit. She had us go through the bookshelf and pick out books for the twins. We ended up with two boxes of nice books. The foster parents are no longer fostering, but I thought they looked much improved in health since the last time I saw them.

I remarked to Steve in the car that it is such a blessing to be able to go on a little trip now and the kids ride peacefully. There's no tension, tantrums, far-out behavior that makes you have to stop and take them out of the car for safety's sake. No one is unbuckling the seat belt. There's no fighting. It's pleasant. This would be the first hotel stay where Missy didn't have a royal that had us covering her mouth for fear of destroying other guest's stay.

The pass was uneventful. Our side was clear and sunny but as we crested the top the other side was thick with fog.

The girls are so excited. They were the first ones up this morning getting ready to go. We take them to the airport in a few minutes. May the Lord go with them.

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Mama in Uganda said...

What a blessing to hear the children did so well.

Thank you Lord!