Monday, December 27, 2010


Missy and I discover it's snowing and I immediately began thinking about our trip over the pass to the airport.
It's suppose to snow a good two feet.

That wasn't Missy's worry...

"Oh, my, it's snowing again! We're going to have to shovel the porch tomorrow!!"

I'm thankful for guardian angels,
new snow tires,
four wheel drive,
and my husband's driving skills.

I am so grateful for the twins peaceful composure the last several days. I'm feeling like I"m nearly over the head cold and starting to feel rested up.

We're gonna miss the girls while they are away!!


~marci~ said...

Sure wish my daughter could meet yours...but alas with 4,800 people... that would be difficult. Plus, I no longer have your current e-mail:(

J. said...

hope that it goes off without a hitch... for all sorts of reasons! Have a good week.