Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Predicament

It's two weeks till Christmas.

I have no time for shopping.

And I only have gifts for the twins under my bed.

I asked Brianna what she wanted for Christmas this morning. She got all serious and said there was one thing she really, really wanted and that it was something she would definitely use. I got all excited. At last a glimmer of hope!!

And then she asked
for A pencil.

YUP. That's my girl.

She said she already had two but she was quickly wearing them out and it would be really, really nice to have a new one.

And how did she manage to nearly wear out two pencils?
In this computer age it certainly isn't from doing school work. 

Nope. Definitely not from writing...


GB's Mom said...

Such talent!

Dee said...

What a beautiful picture! I wish all my kids asked for pencils! LOL! ;)

:)De said...

Could you ask her if those are staedtlers or YAKYYAS? What a sweet spirit!

Anonymous said...

art supplies is an easy gift..., you are blessed.

Anonymous said...

You could do what I do - shop online. My daughter will get hiking socks and a hiking first aid kit from REI.

Anonymous said...

Specifically, that would be a backpacker's or boater's first aid kit. It's waterproof.

Oldqueen44 said...

She should get a whole selection of pencils.