Sunday, December 12, 2010

Practice Run #1

Our Verse of the week:

Psalm 100:4

  Enter his gates with thanksgiving
   and his courts with praise;
   give thanks to him and praise his name.

This morning was smooth and predicable.

Of course.

We are not really going to church this morning.

I also switched Buster Brown's schedule around. The things he hates to do I put first, (except to brush his teeth) and the things he wants most near the end.  Food is a pretty big motivator.  I also told the kiddo that if he wants to go to church in his pj's he has my permission, but of course the schedule says he must get dressed before he eats, so unless he decides he is not hungry ...

So we shaved an hour  off his time yesterday. He can still do better than that. He wasted plenty of time trying to figure out ways to avoid things without missing breakfast when the "restaurant" closed. In the nick of time he decided to get with the program.

Now on to the restitution... Which he has a really good attitude about.

Took this picture the other day... he is fully dressed today and he's doing dishes for Christina.

We were the recipients of 16 inches of snow last evening
and then it started to rain. It's still raining.

The task Buster chose to do for Vanessa was to clean off her car.
It's a much coveted job.
I helped him with the roof.

But as you can see, the car isn't going anywhere. 
There's that much snow behind it  and for the next half a mile. 
Our helpful neighbor is busy plowing
but we are the furthest house with the longest drive on his route.
It will be awhile before he manages to come up here.

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