Friday, December 17, 2010

In the Stable

 For unto us a child is born
Unto us a Son is given.

 It was the perfect evening.
Not too cold, clear skies, and enough snow to keep things from being muddy.

It's become a tradition.
Friends of ours, Tom and Cindy, sometimes invite people to sing
carols and read the Christmas story in their barn with them on Christmas Eve.
They have gorgeous, friendly hauflinger ponies that help to create the setting and it's always a pleasure. 

We are copy-cats, only we don't reserve the treat just for Xmas Eve. 
Tonight, our forewarned crew of supper guests came straight down to the barn for worship and singing and the reading of Luke chapter 2.

So,  I was thinking, 
maybe we should get a camel.

Our little menagerie of  ducks, rabbits, cats, etc... 
aren't the usual nativity creatures you would expect.

Christina did an excellent job of cleaning the barn ahead of time, 
spreading the straw around, 
stringing the lights and gathering the firewood.

 My what a feast we had tonight. Brianna made two apple pies and Mathew made two apple pies.
Brian brought d'anjou pears and Mathew brought Asian pears. 
We had soups and breads and cookies and salad,
not to mention all the hot drinks.

Our time of fellowship on Friday nights often evolve into a fun mess of one type or another
- evidence of occupied, happy little hands...

It's a good kind of mess.

PS... So tomorrow is the day.
I've been preparing Buster all week.
Tomorrow morning we get ready for church.
I'm praying. 
He says he's going to get ready right away - no fuss.
I'm also realizing tonight he got to bed a little later than I would like...

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