Monday, December 27, 2010

Structure Works BEST

A well structured life seems to maintain the sweet attitudes.
I'll go so far as to say even structured play times work better than free time,
at least around here with our 6 year olds.
WORK is a super positive blessing around here!

What kind of mom buys a kid a shovel for Christmas?
The same kind that bought a broom for his sister...

{Please note, the shovel is orange It's his favorite color,
so why wouldn't he love it?}

It's amazing what these kids have learned to be able to be a help around here.
They are better at some things than others.
Asking Missy to vacuum  is far more productive
than asking Buster to vacuum.
He doesn't see the lint...
Whereas Missy is very particular.

But when it comes to dishes...
you would be wise to ask Buster to help.
There will be far less broken dishes when he's done
and several gallons of water saved from being sloshed all over the floor.

Buster can shovel snow.

Missy can clean a toilet.

Buster can hang coats on hangers.

Missy can fold towels.

If we work we are happy.
If we wander around doing whatever we feel like
we're miserable.

Funny, isn't it!


:)De said...

My boys love doing their chores and start on their chore chart as soon as they get up. I always tell them that "God loves a workin' man!" Makes them grin so wide.

I so agree that structure keeps them feeling secure... even structured play.

Kelly said...

This is true for Jackson and Delaney too. I think it makes them feel more a part of the family and makes them feel needed. Don't we all feel better when we are needed?

Sherman Unkefer said...

That is a very good thing to do for a start. This makes them more industrious in the long run.

Jenny said...

My girls do much better with structure. I believe, as Kelly said, it makes them feel a part and needed. Hannah has really struggled during the break with not having enough structure.

Mama in Uganda said...

Our Ezra does SO, so much better when he has jobs to do all day. From stacking bricks to organizing the shoe rack. However, let him "wander" and his behavior goes down hill very quickly.

Most of my four+ year olds are ready for "school lessons" by this age, but not so for this little guy.

Preparing for another day.