Thursday, December 23, 2010

I've Succombed

Three times in the last three weeks I've nearly caught the cold going around. I fought like crazy and overcame three times, but ultimately I came out the loser.  I'm sick. This fourth time it snuck up on me under cover of night and  tricked me.


I'm laying on the couch with the tiniest kitten ever laying in the crook of my arm. This poor baby is a fraction of the size of his sisters. This has been the hardest batch of kittens to raise. IT was rough going. It's amazing this little one made it. Two died. Two are ready for homes and this baby is just finally learning to drink milk from a saucer. He was too weak and sickly and needed syringe feedings every few hours even though it is nearly two months old.  His ears look way to big for his skinny nose. But he is a friendly little nameless one.

The twins opened up their hippity-hop ball presents and so  my head is throbbing to the rhythm of two kids learning to balance and hop at the same time up and down the hall.


Kelly said...

I got Delaney a hippity-hop ball. I think she will love it. Good for their brains too. I meant to get Jackson one and that is one of those presents that never got bought. Oh well.

Hope you have a very Merry Christmas.

J. said...

oh get better, I am sharing in your pain as I seem to have accquired a cold as well... Merry Christmas!