Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Best Day In Months

The twins were happy and contented, polite and thoughtful ALL DAY!

I complimented them several times on their good behavior and they smiled and carried on. It was almost like they were carrying a little secret around with them all day. I know the Lord is working in their lives. I pray every day that He will heal their hearts and minds.

I battled fatigue like you wouldn't believe all day. Brianna was sick a week ago and twice it has tried to get me, but I keep fighting it off. I've been making green drinks like they are going out of style and so far so good, but I'm bone weary. I dragged myself around and made gluten free lasagna and our regular vegan lasagna. Missy was extra pleased with the fact that you couldn't see the difference between the two. Even flavor-wise it was hard to tell which was which. I'm glad I could make her happy.

We roasted chestnuts for supper. Vanessa actually experimented and boiled half of them and roasted half of them in the oven. One is more moist than the other, but I'll eat them either way.

All 7 of us went to prayer meeting at Ken and Sandy's. The twins loved their birds. I enjoyed seeing all the nativity sets the girls helped them put up a few days ago. I guess she has over a hundred sets from all over the world. Buster's prayer at the meeting was precious. He wants desperately to do what is right. His understanding is growing. Intellectually, he gets it. He just gives in to the old distorted thoughts when things get hard - old patterns take over and leave him frustrated with himself and he gives up. Slowly but surely.... I'm so glad to see advancement.  Sorry to have to mention it, but this is huge for him; he actually used the bathroom at Ken and Sandy's tonight of his own accord. He didn't even cry.   You have no idea! This is monumental progress, people! Using a bathroom at home is one thing, using one at another house, or in a public building is quite another. Yes, I had to talk him through it, yes, he nearly used a *half* a roll of toilet paper, but he didn't shed a tear nor beg to run away from the task at hand.

Missy has backed off on control. She sees the little pile of presents growing under the tree. It has her full attention. There's no desire to rock the boat for the time being. I've been on top of every little control issue without fail for days and days like a determined old man after flies with a fly swatter.  I hate to have to be that vigilant, but with her - at her mental capacity right now, it's the only way she will learn and she is learning. She knows exactly what the consequence is when she has done something wrong and she now can verbalize what she has done wrong and what the consequence is. She still can't answer the question "why" in any shape or form.  Her animosity towards me is diminishing daily. If she does wrong she won't say grace or go to bed without first apologizing and doing her part to restore the relationship. It's wonderful.

Of course, I know that the peace we are enjoying could burst into chaos the day after Christmas, or even tomorrow, but I still think that what they learn today will make a difference in their future.

TO God Be the Glory. He has a plan for these kids.


Mama in Uganda said...

Praise Him for the sunshine and for the storms!

Thanks for sharing.


Mama in Uganda said...


I meant to write.

"Praise Him for the sunshine and in the storms!"