Monday, December 6, 2010

I Want a Hippopotamus For Christmas. Only a Hippopotamus Will do....

I'm amazed. Three late nights in a row and yet the twins have been playing happily all day  - together!

It's wonderful.

I'm here to say picking a gigantic Christmas tree is not a good idea.
Ours is already dead.
In fact
it dropped half it's needles on the livingroom floor
and posed itself a fire hazard.
Apparently we simply could not keep up with it's water demands...  and it was one of those kinds that didn't love it's needles enough to hang on to them.

We put up a new one today. It's not near as astounding, or exciting as the old one. It looks like everybody else's. I bought it at Home Depot. There's room in the living room for a couch and thus we can once again invite people into our house. The twins have enjoyed decorating it. There was quite a bit of drama involved in taking the first one out... but they are happy with the new one now.

Pray tell, would anyone have a clue as to why Christina has been researching camels and measuring the barn today?

Thirteen year olds are so confusing. Sometimes they seem so grown up and capable - like when I saw her working the town Bethlehem, but other times they are just plain illogical and silly.

A camel?


Lily's a cutie, I mean, just look at those eyelashes... but hey, everybody knows cute babies grow up and this baby is already 5 foot 6 inches!!

I'm not saying a word. I'll enjoy watching her work her dad over and let you know if anything funny happens. If the project does go ahead and buy the camel... I'm thinking  there should be SEVERAL other people really excited about having a live camel in their backyard. Probably someone with a bigger barn than we have, we wouldn't even have a chance in the competition, would we?

Anyway, I've always been afraid of camels.
I've heard they can spit stinky green slime right on target.

 ~~~ I'm off singing,
"I want a hippopotamus for Christmas.
Only a hippopotamus will do....
No crocodiles,
no rhinoceroses,
I only like
And hippopotamuses like me, TOO!!"

Think if I sing loud enough she'll get the hint??

PS. Someone from Kuwait has been reading my blog today. I'm hazarding a guess that we've been talking camels way too much lately.

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Sean and Lisa said...

OOh a exotic!! :) Just think, you'll be the talk of the town.
Can I come live with you?
Much love!