Tuesday, December 14, 2010

For Grandparents and Family Only...

This is a brag post intended for our interested relatives scattered far and wide.

 Vanessa's first ever quarter of traditional schooling was a total success and gives me reason to believe her homeschooling was a success also.

Her grades are in and we are pretty proud!


English Composition  A
Algebra                       A
Medical Terminology A
Piano                          A

Her GPA is a 4.0!!

She says her goal is always 100% her best efforts.

It's obvious that Jesus is Lord of her life. It shows in her attitudes, disposition and passions.

She has gotten extremely organized about her studies, and usually studies at the library until all her homework is done so that all she needs to do when she comes home is practice her music and enjoy home life. She's a great help around here with cooking, laundry, cleaning and helping with the twins. Did I mention laundry?
What would we do without her?

Sometimes she's even a little goofy!

But that's the way we like her.

Of course, she never knew this would make it to the blog. She was just posing to please her little sister...


:)De said...

Congrats and Praise God for your success! What a great example you are!

Jenny said...

Awesome job, Vanessa!! Great job, Mom!! God is good, all the time!

Jennifer P said...

Isn't it wonderful? I had the same experience with my homeschooled daughter when she commuted to community college. I got a congratulations card from my mother-in-law when she made the Dean's List. I don't think the fam really believed it would work. But homeschooling provides a lifetime of lessons. Well done, good and faithful servant! Stay the course, it's worth it.

Dee said...

Praise the Lord! God is so good to let you see and enjoy some of the fruits of your faithfulness in homeschooling your girls! It gives me hope...