Friday, December 3, 2010

Frosty Mysteries

It's that kind of day out there and Brianna is good at capturing the details.

Don't you love it?

I really don't have time to play around with pictures and the computer...
But I'm kind of in between being ready,
and jumping the gun,
so I'm sitting here  getting 
nervous while Steve continues to practice his lines in the bathroom mirror...
you ought to see his beard... LOL!

Brianna and I are so excited to find that the college is offering  a photography class in February. 
We're pretty hyped to learn how to use this camera better.

PS. It was only a dream.
Missy is in time out.


Karen said...

These pictures are great!! What kind of camera did you get???

Sorry the smile couldn't last all day :( Your not alone ~

Acceptance with Joy said...

The camera is a Nikon D90.

Glad to know we are not alone. It was downright horrendous!!