Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Crazy Busy

We were up at 5:30 rushing around to be on the road by 6:15. Kristen and McKenzie, the twins and I headed to far away city for our appointments with Dr. Wylie. The fog was thick as soup and temperature ranged from 36 at home to 26 to 50 degrees. The ice would build up on the car and the next thing you know it was as balmy as spring.  I enjoyed visiting with Kristen very much and she knows the way better than I do. She even showed me a great big health food store near the doctor's office where I stocked up on gluten free spaghetti and noodles.

I had a final J2B meeting last night that was still going at 10 pm when I left. The phone rang at 5:30 this amasking Steve to come into the hospital immediately because the ER was backed up. I'm trying to motivate 2 tired children to get a move on so we can be at speech this morning dressed...

I have to say the twins did great on the trip. It's LONG.  Because we left before our usual morning routine I wondered what they would do when their body functions would be calling. Missy was right on schedule and used the bathroom on her own at the office and asked for water on her own. Buster asked us to stop at a rest area 'cause he had to go!! But of course, inside the public bathroom he nearly had a mental breakdown crying that he couldn't. He did not scream but he was in serious distress. He can hardly relax enough at home when life is busy, and a public restroom ?? Horrors.... I stood by him and encouraged him and while I was strongly tempted to pack him back into the car and wait until home I knew he could be very uncomfortable and maybe sick over it. I decided to use the opportunity to help him see that he would not die if he actually did the job. He's starting to realize that when I say I will wait until he does what I ask that I will do just that. He had victory in the bathroom and then he asked for water to drink, which was awesome.

The girls had Dakota over while we were away. They made bagels and Christmas cards for the orphans we sponsor and the ones the church sponsors then they went sledding.  

The sun is shining. Oh happy day.

And my  mom is on her way home from Africa after 9 months!!! My dad isn't sure he'll recognize her at the airport.  NOT to worry, there's only ONE of her.

THANKS for the gift suggestions. It's got me thinking... and looking online.

And the pencils are definitely Steadtler graphite pencils.

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