Friday, December 3, 2010

Woke Up with a SMILE

It's promising to be a good day!!

Missy woke up with a smile on her face. She was sitting at the breakfast table reciting her memory verse - the one about "Good understanding gaining favor..." She's done her jobs without being asked and is looking forward to tonight's adventures at Journey to Bethlehem.

(We'll say nothing of the tough love she "enjoyed" last night when Buster made some delightful gluten free cookies with me, and her incorrigible contrariness excluded her from enjoying the fruits of his labors. We'll also not mention that all her antics devised to attract attention failed completely, and she kind of got tired of the energy it took to keep up the charade.)

Buster is happy, too.

Wow! Two happy kids at once.

The twins are especially pleased with the fresh loaf of gluten free bread they've been scarfing down for breakfast. This loaf turned out extra moist and light.

Early in the week I gave Buster a dairy yogurt just to see if there would be any kind of reaction at all. There was none; not so much as a rash, red cheeks, a change in behavior, or bowel issues, nothing. Next week I'll try him on gluten one more time, just to be sure he shouldn't have it.

Missy on the other hand, is proving to be VERY sensitive to dairy and gluten. Her skin, her breath, her digestion,  and her ATTITUDE are markedly different when she's eaten even a little such as would be found in seasonings. I don't like it... but what can I do. It's going to be a serious inconvenience for her - and the cook in this house.  Going "out" will always be a problem.

Journey to Bethlehem starts tonight. Wednesday my phone rang off the hook with cancellations and changes in the music, but I think we've rearranged the schedule for the last time and we're set to go. The best music will be tonight. I have my children's choir all ready to go, the Apollo Club which includes 50 men, and CCA's children's choir, A Bell Choir from Walla Wall, CCA's Brass, harp from Vanessa, Mindy  singing.... It's a marathon of music for three and half hours three nights in a row for a total of ten and half hours of sacred music I've had to arrange.  And to top it off  I 'm making a pot of soup to feed the choir, too.


Claire said...

Have you checked whether it is casein she's reacting to or all dairy products? There maybe other foods she's eating which contain casein, but not dairy.

GB's Mom said...

I glad your are having a good day. Poor Missy! Good luck tonight :)

Reina said...

Can you pass on the bread recipe?

Reina said...

I forgot to check to box to see your reply!