Tuesday, March 12, 2013

When It Get's Crazy

We had a slight problem...

Someone knocked the brand new bottle of hairspray over and it started to spray
and spray
and spray
and spray 
until it was all gone.

There wasn't a thing anybody could do.

The family was chatting about some comments made....
you know the ones that seem ever re-occurring ~

"I could never do foster care. I could never give the kids back."

The girls were saying it makes it look like the person believes you are  hard-hearted
if you do foster care.
Steve's response: "The people who say they could never give the kids back
would BE the FIRST to give them back."

Foster kids might have suffered a lot,
they don't deserve it.
It isn't their fault.
They are innocent.
They've been denied opportunities
and the basic necessities...

but it doesn't make them 
little angels who soak up the tender loving care and appreciate all your efforts.
They've been denied discipline, too.
They've seen too much.
Heard the worst.
Neglect has hardened them.

BUT eventually a difference can be made.
It's not easy work, though.

We are seeing a big difference in the behavior of our three musketeers already.
They are calmer and they are coming to know our expectations.
They are eating and sleeping!


I am having them play in separate corners this morning. 
Big D with the Legos in a living room corner. 
Little D in the dining room corner with polly pockets. 

Missy in her own room - I figure if she's too sick for school, she's too sick to play. At least during school hours.
Cookie is playing in her room with dolls ....

It's how we survive the crazies.

Trying to get Big D moved from one Head Start Program to one a lot closer. Not so easy.

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Jennifer P said...

That pesky questions! To this day, I have a hard time answering. It is like feeding into the emotion either way. Either you are hard hearted or too afraid to have your heart broken. What you and your family ARE is obedient to love the others. And you are making a difference.

Having the tribe of three littles (siblings) visiting this weekend. What an adventure!!! 'Cause I didn't sign up for the boring life, that's for sure.

PS After four years, I prayed for and with birthmom out loud over the phone.