Thursday, March 14, 2013

Privacy . . .

When I joined Google +  it changed all my name tags on my blog and everywhere from my pen name to my real name. 
This made it super easy to google me and find out 
anything and everything you ever wanted to know about me.

 Granted, that is my own fault for writing everything and anything
and stuff you didn't want to know.... 
BUT Christina helped me and we got every thing switched back to the pen name. 

Well, sort of. 
Facebook would not allow a pen name, so we reverted to my maiden name. 

No worries I am happily married and have no intention of going back 
to that hard to spell French name.  
I'm good with a name that is easy to spell, "like the truck!"

Just had a visit with the CASA.
We talked about how easy it is get info on the parents of  children in our care using Google. Oh my! Is it ever.
Google, Myspace, facebook, the local online Newspaper.

Oiy. That means it's just as easy for those people to look up the 
foster parents where their children are in care.
In most cases that would not be an issue and generally speaking the parents would not 
know the foster parents' name before it is known whether it is safe to let them know,
 but I think that's already out of the bag by accident.

The parent is not doing well with all this
and is not cooperating with Social Services
and is refusing to see her kids.

The CASA was buttering me up and telling me
we have quite a reputation for being such a good foster family.
Well, she said more, but I'll leave it at that.

A certain little boy is sitting in time-out.
I heard through the window
Big D say to Andrew,
"Are you going to tell on me?"
I didn't hear the answer, but I went to the door and jokingly asked
 "So are you going to tell on him?"
Andrew solemnly nodded his head and said,
"Yep, he was cussin!"

It's deja vu.
Spitting and the whole nine yards.

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Araya Frohne said...

You do realize that you can completely disconnect your blog and G+ profile, right? I've done it several times. That makes it a tad more difficult to share your posts, but not all that much, you just have to paste the link into your "Share" box. Another thing, it's a little labor intensive, but you can also go through and edit the publicity of your G+ posts, so they aren't as visible to the public... Pretty much what I'm saying is that it is possible, and not that hard, to disconnect your blog from Google's search engines and your name.